The most efficient solution for oil storage today: the Wolf Oil Cabin.

Increase service and work flow efficiency by always having the right lubricant available for each vehicle type.

Given the recent years of engine design evolutions, there exists no universal lubricant that can be used on all vehicle types. Modern engines need modern lubricants to maintain optimization and protection. However, we know this is not as easy as it seems. 

On the one hand, engines tend to become more durable and cleaner often equipped with innovative after-treatment systems.  On the other hand, there are frequently updated international standards and additional car manufacturer specifications to meet. 

At Wolf we understand these needs of modern engines and we tackle the accompanying complexity by creating innovative solutions suitable for everyone.

The Wolf Oil Cabin will help you increase service and work flow efficiency as you will always have the right lubricant available regardless vehicle type. 

Your 5 benefits of the Wolf Oil Cabin:

  1. Coverage for 100% of the automotive market
  2. Availability of all main products in large volumes
  3. Clear product recommendation, with a poster inside the oil cabin
  4. Storage in an ecofriendly way with no oil waste
  5. Neatly arranged, space saving and lockable design

You will always have the right oil on stock in ideal volumes, without compromising in efficiency and work flow productivity.

What Wolf stands for

Wolf lubricants rejuvenate and revitalise modern engines, ensuring higher engine efficiency in the search for more sustainable forms of mobility.

With the exponential speed of development of new and cleaner engine technologies, Wolf continues to be at the forefront of these innovations to blend the vital fluids required to run these sophisticated engines. 

We go well beyond the production, commercialisation and marketing of lubricants. We also invest in added value services that will enable our partners and us to play a more prominent part in the future of mobility.